Many stories are told in parts, and Kildosphere is no different. The meandering path through various sundry elements both indescribable and mundane, is modestly presented in its entirety for your perusal. Take care your chosen tome, as order is important, else our story should lack momentum and render its surprises foregone.

Book 1: Rabbit Rue

Book 1 of The Phase Cycle 

A rare mix of horror, science, and mythology, Rabbit Rue launches an exciting new trilogy. The Phase Cycle promises to unwind time, the universe, and the gods themselves before the evocative conclusion. And yet, it starts so simply...

Tammond Dale, a forgotten and isolated hamlet surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, churns in a pit of sundered nightmares borne of a shadowy creature blackened by hate and lost purpose. For Kyle, who just relocated from a booming metropolis, the place has nothing to offer aside from a cliff mounting a hauntingly scenic vantage over the quiet burg. To his horror, Kyle is snared in Rue's private kingdom of decay. Kyle must shatter Rue's grip and influence over reality, or forever doom his own soul and creation itself to oblivion.

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