Chapter: Kyle and Adriana

Entry: Sep 26, 2007

But all my sorrows wither,
and all my fears do fade,
because he will deliver,
The Dreaming in The Glade.

— Adriana Calloway

No reason to embarrass yourself—just be cool. "Uh, Adriana?"

Startled from her reverie, Adriana dropped her pencil and raised her head, seeking out the voice—the boy—who risked his reputation to speak with her. "Oh! Hi Kyle!" Adriana grinned, mentally filing away important plot points for Dr. Z's assignment.

"I uh... don't got a lotta time," said Kyle, sheepishly tilting his head toward Jason, Sam and the others desperately striving to disguise their horror. "But I thought you should know... Mr. Spizer wants me to tutor you. In History." he finished lamely.

Adriana frowned. It was no great secret her history marks were terrible, but why send the new kid? The cute new kid. "So you know History? In your old school?" She bat her eyelashes.

"His... yeah, History," said Kyle, mentally sweating. Idiot! The plan! "Not really," he laughed. "But he said your grade was my grade, and I'm happy with anything I can get. If we can both pass, why not? Besides, I know a lot about his current topic." An understatement, of course. Even though his journal warned him, Kyle couldn't believe Tammond Dale was so isolated; Mr. Spizer knew nothing of Japan's surrender following two devastating nuclear bombings. All those details were seared into Kyle's memory that day, and just like many his age, he would forever carry a tiny sliver of associated guilt; everyone had seen the pictures. We'll be apologizing for that for decades. "That alone should help us through the next test."

"Fly-boy, huh?" she taunted.

"Uh, yeah. I think I might join the air force after high school. I'd love to pilot! I know tons about Pearl Harbor!" lied Kyle. Of course, all good lies hid a kernel of truth, and Kyle was indeed a veritable expert on that unfortunate Air Force base, compared to the manipulated and lost souls inhabiting Tammond Dale.

Adriana's cheeks darkened to a light fuchsia. "Well, I guess it's a date," she blurted. Too eager!

Kyle laughed nervously. "Sure... a date. Where should we meet?"

"My house," she said immediately. "My parents don't like me being out after dark. Come to 410 Snarlborough around five thirty, and we can have dinner with my parents." Meanwhile, she scribbled the same address and time on a corner of her notebook, tearing it neatly from the page already half-filled with her latest homework. "Don't forget your book!" she admonished, adopting a ridiculous caricature of a stern glare.

Perfect! "I'll be there. We'll show that Doity Rat he can't fail us that easily!" He hopped to his feet and turned back to harass his friends at his impending death via curse, but not without waving one last time at Adriana, adding a wink for good measure.

Adriana blushed a deeper shade and chewed her lip—prettily, if such were possible—eager for once, for a late night of studying. But she didn't forget any of the story, even as other, more primary concerns were blasted away by her encounter with Kyle. Never that. Not the assignment.

She could feel it, too. These next two examples, resolving conflict with and without precocious deities, were the end. It pressed upon her a finality lacking all trace of urgency. It was over. Why a two-part assignment appeared to conclude a longer arc, she didn't understand, but the truth was unmistakable.

Tonight, the story would end.

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