These questions may or may not have been asked "frequently", but they are issues that distinctly demand disambiguation. Though the very concept of this site is simple, quite a few of the author's personal foibles concerning the written medium likely require further explanation.

Can I Advertise Here?

Unquestionably no. The practice of advertising on the internet exists primarily to subsidize expensive bandwidth at the cost of... incurring more bandwidth in the form of images and otherwise obtrusive elements. Books do not contain glossy photos shilling the latest WhizBangOMatic, so this site follows that example. When people sit down to read, the less distraction, the greater their enjoyment. But the reality of hosting a popular site is a real one, so donations from kind readers are always appreciated. If there is a future interest, companies may donate sums to join a tiered list of site sponsors in a separate section devoted to that purpose.

How Do I Pronounce Kildosphere?

Weird name, I know. Try this: "Kill - doh - sphere' It's not like a kaleidoscope.

How Often Are Entries Posted?

Though desirably the answer here is "three per week," this isn't always possible. The author has a day job! That said, there will be at least two updates per week. This statement is supported by the site's display engine, which allows entries to be published on specific dates. This permits several weeks, months, or even years of material to accumulate awaiting publication, which is good for unforeseen circumstances or vacations. Update frequency then depends entirely on queue length. Rain, shine, or bubbling monstrosity moaning an echoing scream of a million dying gods, the author will strive to ensure minimally biweekly plot advancements.

What is a Webfic?

Elementary, my dear Watson. In these illustrious days of the internet, the web is teeming with countless comics, journals, and other sources of infinite entertainment. Unfortunately an analog medium for authors remains elusive. Though fan fiction is generally popular, it's uncommon for authors to post original work primarily online. A webfic (or Blook), this one in particular, aims to change that if only by increasing the population by one. There is no larger audience than the internet can bring, and thus no greater joy for a writer.

What the Heck is a Kildosphere?

Aha! So you've come to read Rabbit Rue, and wonder why the site isn't simply named after the dastardly hare? Rabbit Rue is merely the first in a long story arc that may span several books, all set in the world of Kildosphere. So stay for a few years, and watch the characters mature and evolve. There's plenty more to see!